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University of North Carolina Wilmington


My core beliefs must reflect my actions in the level of honest and effective support I give to stakeholders. This means having an open door to talk to any stakeholder about any concern. My beliefs in leadership styles must translate to those I support. Support is given through frequent communication, assessment and collaboration focused on a positive message of growth. The means of educating and supplying the latest technology, when fiscally available and philosophies about effective methods must be provided. There must be honest and clear communication on expectations and the consequences of not doing your best meeting goals of the organization.

Studies and experience show that the impact a positive word of encouragement can have a far superior result than a negative command. The decision and emotional reaction to decide to act will create habits and the “want” to repeat said actions. The satisfaction from completing a task with the best of your efforts far outweighs the same action, with the same result that was completed out of guilt or fear of repercussions. I have been on both sides of this type of leadership and coaching while playing sports and in the business world. I have seen positive statistical results from both. Guilt and fear are fleeting drivers to success; want is a constant that fuels success in every environment past tomorrow. A positive word of encouragement at the correct time will produce this want repeatedly and for an infinite time period.

I know I have the skill, talent, and want to lead a team to success in a competitive professional environment. I want to hear about the next challenge I can help your team succeed at.

Create the culture you want to be a part of, don't wait for it to be created around you.